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Hey boxer guys! I love your boxxers and thought I would try your shirts too. Do you ever take special request for designs? Being that you have a BOXER (dog) on your label (which is why I bought my first boxxers from you), I thought you might have a BOXER (dog) fan somewhere around your company. Any chance of a BOXER (dog) design? I could send you a sketchs or photos of my Boxer (dogs) if your interested. Thanks for listening and for your quality items! -Doug

Our reply was...
Hi Doug,
Yes there is a boxer dog fan in the mix, that would be me. Our mascot Max was my faithful hero for 14 years and was one of the greatest dogs I have ever had. Definitely the coolest. Over the years we have made numerous items from a comic book and tee shirts featuring Maxwell Boxxer as a WWI Flying Ace, as well as more simple shirts featuring just his head and shoulders.
Over the next few months, please stay tuned, as we will re-issue some of the greatest Max Boxxer Tee Shirts. Thanks for your input.
Best Wishes,
Richard Crisler

Subject: Real men wear real shorts

Dear Maxwell, One time I bought some boxer shorts and they felt like I was in a damn vice grip. Felt like a damn testicle eating fish had found Christmas dinner. I only paid a dollar for them and I was proud of that fact but I learned something. A real man can eat nails and drink battery acid when he gets a notion, but when it comes to boxer shorts a real man needs real shorts. My love marbles are just too damn important to be housed by some flimsy shit you buy on sale at Ace hardware. I need a garment I can trust. And I found that garment at Maxwell Boxxer. Guy don't know how to spell boxer, but no mind. It's a fine built product with softness and comfort. Don't get me wrong. I'm mean and hard assed and I'll kill anything that moves within ten feet of me. I own thirty one deer rifles you know. And now I own several pairs of Maxwell Boxxers. I'm not a fag, but if I met that man who came up with those shorts I've give him a giant bear hug. Might even kiss him square on the lips.

Maybe lick his ear a little if I took a notion.

Yours truly,
Clyde T.
Rayford Creek, TN

Thanks, Clyde, you might as well know that if you weren't so gainfully employed down in the V-state, you would be here in our publicity office with free keys to the juice machine. Real.

Not too long ago, I went on a personal search for some good boxers. The 5 or 6 pairs that I had were slowly returning to the individual threads from which they were born. I found it nearly impossible to find any quality shorts with a cloth coveredwaist-band. Then I found your web page and my journey to discovery ended! I ordered 2 pair to try them out. (mail order/email order makes me a little nervous!) They were so great I ordered 5 more pair! However, one of the first 2 pair was too big! It would be great if you could send me a replacement of these shorts in a men's large (37-42).

Rich M. from Walnut Creek, CA

Thanks, Rich, for your letter. We love to hear from satisfied customers. Your letter highlights a fact that people need to know about our boxxers - they run LARGE compared to mass market companies that skimp on fabric. When ordering, please heed the numeric waist sizes on the ordering page. And of course we will exchange your boxxers for the right size.

I have been wearing your boxers since before they were Maxwell Boxxers. About eight years ago, a buddy of mine was a rep for you and gave me a pair to try. They were, and still are, the best pair of boxer shorts on the market. Since then, I have exclusively worn your boxer shorts. (Unless I'm at the way end of a laundry cycle.) What I appreciate the most is the quality of the fabric and the generous construction.

Rob H. from San Francisco, CA

Thanks Rob for your letter. We are glad to hear that you have gotten eight years of service out of your last set of boxers.

Dear Maxwell Boxxer,

Where do I start.....Maxwell Boxxer has been a part of my past for fifteen, yes, count them, fifteen years. I discovered your boxers as a student at Duke University. On a whim, I purchased my first pair of boxer shorts from a really groovy guy selling them on the "Quad" at Duke U. in 1985 when you were known as "YoBoxers". I must tell you, I had grown up a "tighty-whitie" guy my whole life. WOW!!!! Was I in for a surprise when I put on my first pair of boxers. Why didn't my dad tell me when I was growing up the advantages of bearing a "boxer kind of guy".....

Your first pair lasted me 6 years.....I'll never forget the sadness I felt retiring my first pair to the rag bin. Your boxers have not only lasted forever, but, provided me with a level of comfort not seen this side of Nirvana. After my initial purchase, I was sold!!! I've traveled the world, I've worked almost everywhere, I've partied in more places that most people can imagine......the only thing I make sure of when I walk out the door is that my teeth are brushed and my shorts are yours......

I currently sport at least 10 different styles of your shorts. Sometimes I'm in the mood for aquatic themes, sometimes it's western...or sometimes it's grabbing my lucky golfing boxers.......no matter what the occasion, I have pair of your shorts helping me accomplish my journey!!! Please promise me you will continue to produce the most comfortable, most durable, most stylish boxers I can put my hands on.....ha ha. Thanks Maxwell Boxxer for doing what you do better than anyone else out there!!!!

DER, Miami, Florida

Alright Dave, we know who you are. I am happy that we have been a part of your life. I hope some of our upcoming button down shirts will bring you our love and continued happiness. Especially the new Nirvana cloud one.


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