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Hawaiian Style for 2018

Our Hawaiian Shirts...

feature great breathable and colorfast 100% natural fabrics. A hand matched breast pocket makes the pocket almost invisible, it does not upset the print. Generous sizing, coconut buttons, USA Made.

Unique Boxxers for 2018

Our Boxxer Shorts...

feature a fabric covered waistband, no scratchy labels and no unnecessary stitching. You won't be irritated. A classic three panel full cut, unique gusseted crotch provides enough room to sit and stand without riding. The gusseted crotch also increases strength and flexibility, eliminating the age old problem of "blow outs". These shorts will last a long time. We guarantee it.

Popular T-shirt

Max Boxxer T-Shirt

Purchase with alacrity...

  • The ever-popular company T-Shirt.
  • We keep making 'em you keep dating 'em.
  • Custom jobs on call.
  • Four sizes, $12

Boxer of the Month

Boxer of the Month

Suscribe to style...

  • Greatest deal.
  • One boxxer a month, one extra, one T-shirt.
  • Free shipping, cause we do it like we mean it.
  • Our signature quality.
  • A $262 value for only...

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